How I met/should love this…

*Tears & Sputters* WahHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhh ;,,)

[Yes, happy tears]

Because I’ve added a new show to my arsenal, How I Met Your Mother.
Wait?! Before you comment and rhuin, yes rhu-hu-innn, the show for me; please note I’m starting from the beginning, a la Season 1! I knew Neil Patrick Harris was in the show, but I KNEW that I didn’t wanna trip down the Doogie Howser M.D memory lane… so I waited!

Then I saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall & was treated to a sight, I’d love to know WHY [the real why, the dirt, I mean isn’t there a rule about what you can show, doesn’t this movie count as porn on some deeply-seated-fairly-obvious level??] Why did the directors/writers/whomever think that they could tease us with Jason Segel like that??!! Feel free to fill me in [I live in a box, I only see what I choose to/happen upon… but you already knew this, right??!!]


Anyway, the show right!! *Giggles*

I like it a lot [only 5-8 episodes in], maybe it’s just me – but the show has this ring of desperation/pain/delight that anyone born in the late 70s to about 83 is ‘dying’ from right now. We all grew up as caricatures who wanted to be something we’re not: Doogie’s, Perfect Strangers, a Cosby, vampire slayers who are in love [and were so desperate for that happy ending] with that perfect wallflower, who was also cool; a la John Cusack, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Jerry O’Connell, Alfonso Ribeiro, Shemar Moore, Scott Bakula, Tom Wopat, John Schneider and so on and so forth.

Alas, as yous guys know, we didn’t find it and continue to use the ol’boob tube to fill the void of our lives, laughing along to obtuse jokes from the box *claps and jumps* in hopes that we’ll maybe pick up a trick or two that’ll work wonders in real life *tents fingers and cackles*.

So, until further notice, I like the show because of [we’ll call it ‘nostalgia’, because desperation sounds…. Ooooh forgot to mention; love Alyson Hannigan, her character’s quirky, smart, kinda like yours truly & this show gets an extra point, because she has the boy]….

Actually, let’s add another point for Neil Patrick Harris, cuz damn, he da ‘ethnic’ dude…
Which leads me to subtract both points because, hey frontal nudity from cast is ok and singing on Broadway okay… So an ‘ethnic’ cast should be easy, *nods head*.

Dear Networks: Yous guys gotta stop being so lazy, I don’t care if stereotypes aren’t followed, but if the show’s in New York, one ASSUMES that there are all kinds of folks, yes??! *nods again*.

And can we not use the bullshit line re: demographics??!! We all spend money & it’s not like I’m asking for y’all to pick shit actors, we’ll save them for reality t.v. [which needs to stay dead already ;( ]…


~ by tashpoeme on June 8, 2009.

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