Top 7: Oh for Jon & Kate’s Sake!!

You’ve got to be kidding me – here’s Top 7 why Jon & Kate was publicity stunt from beginning. Let this reality/anti-reality war-game continue to stampede and dupe us their gullible audience…Well, yous guys got duped! Sorry, I claim innocence, just this once! Go back and watch our favourite reality family again, ask your friends, or tweet it goddamn you!

1. Early episodes, Jon and Kate had no chemistry! [If anti-d8r can spot this fatal flaw! SMH… NB I know nothing but nothing about relationships… But I mean, c’mon here!??! They never locked eyes: showed dat magic ‘♥’ look, not even when they looked at their kids!!

2. Kate always wore the pants and Jon took it – Fuckin eh?!

3. They have EIGHT goddamn kids!! [CUTEY-PIEs they are! I kinda imagined Jon and Kate as a modern day Brady Bunch/Jolie-Pitt opening sketch thing!]

4. This was an OCTOMOM story, before Nadya was a twinkle or a thought.

5. This smells like a stunt, huh?! What couple desperate for reality riches, wouldn’t ‘tape’ episodes or show any clue that they were trying to work things out???

6. I’m sorry EIGHT GODDAMN KIDS!!! I can barely handle a cat…

7. They’re RICH! Damn actors… I mean, ummm it’s fair right??  They were acting poorly, *ahem ahem cough cough* – coulda used more  ‘love eyes/chemistry’ classes.


~ by tashpoeme on June 23, 2009.

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