MJ: No more heroes for us

My brother & I were musing how there really are no more Black heroes, with Issac, Bernie and Michael gone. Who will we look up to? Then we remembered that Ali was still around, (and I’m forgetting others, just hard to think of anyone, because really, all these great activists/artisans are gone!)

Today’s Black artists, are too sexual, too crass, they ‘blow up’ stereotypes and for the most part they perpetuate ignorance/appear uneducated… Can you see 50, Kanye, Ne-Yo or Drake writing a hit about healing the world and more importantly DONATING their time or money? I can’t picture them all appearing in the same video to promote peace, love, understanding or hope…. I can’t picture them marching while singing We Shall Overcome, or decrying the war in Iraq or the turmoil in Iran; I mean I can’t even picture them doing a cheesy photo op outside a community centre.

Hey, that’s the new millennium for you… It’s all about me and me and screw you and you too! It’s impossible to believe in anyone (besides oneself) or to fight for a cause, because it’s all about being categorized: sexy, slutty, emo, Black, White, Asian, cool, hip, funky, a punk, a gangbanger; you gotta rep how tough the streets are and how far you’ve come & you don’t care who you fuck over along the way or alternatively you grew up with luxuries and you gotta throw them away in order to be you! Fuck history is the motto of today’s youth, just staying in place and living like there’s only today – damn we are regressing!

Besides the sorrow of Michael’s passing and that winding aforementioned rant of mine, I think my sadness has way too much guilt in it, because I know for a fact that I was guilty of passing judgement:
– he ain’t Black enough
– he shouldn’t have associated with ‘dem people’ (and no I’m not going to explain what I mean, take it for what it is)
– for trying to relive/regain his childhood a la Neverland. People have sad childhood’s all the time – buck up and get over it!  [I can’t get over mine, but he has $$$ so that should have solved everything, right? I mean, he was *tear* he’d become my ‘special’ relative that I didn’t talk about but eagerly awaited his presents come Christmas, I couldn’t help but love him. Because underneath his foibles, he was just so damn lovable!]

People are saying that Michael was ‘our Elvis’ umm no, step back, please!
Michael was no Elvis.

Sure they both had sex appeal and swagger and their careers floundered and the magnitude of their achievements were riddled with personal woes. But that’s it. People only mourned Elvis; while people are celebrating/rejoicing in Michael’s legacy-  I’ve seen those clips at the Apollo and the posts on Twitter. And I don’t think people were able to celebrate Elvis’ legacy in the same way cuz at the time of his passing he had already been turned into a caricature; his legacy had already become folklore and he was still alive to witness the butchery!

And no matter how hard ‘the media’ tried and no matter how eccentric he was Michael never ‘flopped’; looking back now, people tried to use his eccentricities against him, but it never worked. People always will love him! I was kinda looking forward to his comeback, say it loud BLACK, FIERCE and PROUD!


~ by tashpoeme on June 26, 2009.

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