MJ Memorial: A flame has been extinguished by a little puff of wind

So I waxed and I cried and I said my piece via myspace.com/tashpoeme

All I can hope for, is that I’ll never forget this moment. Not only because of the sadness, but because there’s a tiny whiff of hope too. I had a deja vu and superstitious soul that I am, knows that I had to look really hard at what was about to transpire. God was going to tell me something important…

I can say, that I heard him say: Don’t give up, keep on writing – keep on believing in yourself. Even though, I feel all alone, know that He loves me and that’s all I need. So I’m still dreaming a dream and for now, I’m still going to reach out my hands to help those select few, even though I have finally realized that they may never turn around and help me. “They have to look out for themselves!”

And there’s not much else I can say, my wrists hurt and so does my head – too much writing and crying ;(

RIP MJ & Godspeed… 1958-2009


~ by tashpoeme on July 7, 2009.

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