30 years of getting it wrong, ends now!

I can’t help but sit here and be befuddled.

If you look around me – you’d see the mess, you’d see the farcical ways, you’d see the hope… Even though, nothings going on, I still have hope!

I still wake up.

I still breathe.

And gradually I am still learning how to love me a bit more.

I am keeping well!

Surprize, surprize… Unemployed, yet ambitious and hopeful!

A bit lazy, though but I want bigger things now and any ole job will finish me off mentally. The robot has gone into the shop and is finally getting an upgrade! I am beginning to accept that even though I work hard, my persona [a little too honest and a little too real] will always land me on the curb!

Don’t worry, I’ll Never Change

I was hiding, outta fear…

I was hiding, because I loved too hard…

I have finally started to collide with this notion of life. I have to be true to me now, I’m too stuck in my ways and pretending to be someone I’m not has only gotten me a piece of paper! No one’s heart is filled with pride and I haven’t made it to the end of the race, shit I’m slower than a tortoise!

When will the learning begin? This song and dance needs to stop repeating, I need to know what ‘happens next’! I would like a glimpse at a ‘happier ending’, please??!!


There is something that I’m missing though… There is this sense of waiting, there have been dreams that have become reality and now, those who have been forgotten are making appearances. What is it about yours ‘negative Nelly’ truly that keeps people charmed? I need to find that ‘charm’ and start making things happen!


~ by tashpoeme on July 14, 2009.

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