Rise up!

So each hand can move independently, each firing different pistons, each with a goal in mind!
No longer broken [it’s similar to when Autobots join/come together] the way superhero feels milliseconds b4 victory!

Spending a summer by my side, you let me dream that you would come to Yours Truly, even though this insipid and intrepid reporter is always reporting and being too negative!

How do you wanna me to make the funny?!!
I tell you da truth, so it’s negative – it’s fuckin hilarious!
And the fact that there could be an element of truth in this shit makes this even funnier!!
[Especially if you can see what lies ahead, don’t worry… take your time…]

I can imagine when I get to script about real shit!

So for now, kindly allow me to take y’all on a long and dreary journey, so when we finally reach ‘that’ point; you’ll appreciate the funny!

Trying to pick the rose outta the concrete of my veins, oh what a phase… Trying to pick the rose outta the concrete of my veins…

Oh what a phase! =9

Above: Souls of Mischief “From 93- Infinity”♫
And just for a wee bit of extra flavour; here’s Justin’s “What Goes Around” ♫: Yup, yup…


~ by tashpoeme on July 23, 2009.

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