Ironic, now that she dwelt upon it, a joke more or less; against herself, her potential and her dreams – a ludicrous life lived with passionate altruism.

What was the girl to do?

Sure she’s lazy and a wee bit crazy… It’s just the way her brain rolls. Welcome to the most backwards person you’ll ever meet.

It’s been a long time, she thought that she was going to change the pattern, nope. All she did was add more to her plate and allow a lot of (important/interesting/quirky) things to fall by the wayside.

Here we go again, trying to start anew, even if it’s crap. It’s better to rap the shit out than to let the shit stew, pollute and kill… *winks*

Will she get better, maybe – as always it’s dependent upon moods and whim (but this was already known & explains aforementioned laziness).


~ by tashpoeme on October 4, 2009.

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