♥ Weeping Willow ♥

Can’t sleep, hunched over

There’s no recourse for me

All that matters now

Is hoping god’s calling

Can take most of the badness away

Resisting the urge to run, waiting for the empty feeling to come back

Destiny allows me to tackle affronts and failures head on

How, no why, doesn’t this heart ever get a chance to thaw?? Weeping Willow/Frankenstein just wants to know why she’s  so lost, depreciated and in love with the concept that; love is, performing good deeds.

Reaally, what could god possibly have in mind for this gi-norm-ous ball of negative energy??! Resisting the urge to doubt how much god’s gift (life) is worth. I have to love myself, and my love makes me cold. I chose nurture and control, and am doomed to weep.

*and in true-blue fashion, at her wits end, cares tossed to the four corners, and without learning her lesson, performs another good deed*

It still just seems right, love is putting forth and getting nothing back.


♪Love will rule supreme…
Could be an organ donor
The way I give up my heart, but
Never know because – shit, I never tell (sic) ’em!
Ask me about my feelings I’d holla’ that it’s irrela’♪ – Outkast


~ by tashpoeme on February 12, 2010.

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