Anti_D8r crawls, bites & slaps *shrug* ;9

Behold, the rise of the anti_D8r; an unbearable sight. *weeping & wailing/gnashing of teeth* Ooops, u bought a tkt ;( ‘Dang, stop playing dumb! You are so sure that your counters will impale my efforts.’ *breathe*

Today’s Date: Morose Remorse
Best Move: Mayhap, quickening your ending as Hamlet’s father did for him
Best ♥ Scene: Hmmm, aptly ready to be begging for a pardon…
Arch Nemesis: Lovely, exquisite bliss

How will it end, tune back to the Anti-DAter, l8r – k, haters?!! Something in me is dying… Ring the Alarm (Fu-Schnickens)


~ by tashpoeme on May 19, 2010.

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