Let’s Go Crazy!

Should I barefacedly admit this aloud? Fuck, thank goodness nobody gives a fuck about me…

I never KNEW, knew Prince, I heard the name, I knew a ditty or two. This feeling is wrong, I missed this back then…

It’s wrong isn’t it, that I’m not growing up? I spent my WHOLE childhood wanting/being grown. For what?

To spend my ENTIRE adulthood being childish?

So NOW, I get to writhe. gyrate.to The Beautiful Ones for the first time…

What to do, what to do?!!

Do I dare be so bold?

Alas the Karaoke Wonder continues to prowl along; rudeness is on the rise.

Fu-Schinickens – Check it Out:

Do I have warrant to grieve?

Probably not, but I insist and persist

To put this missive down

To imagine a world where class, sass, and reasonable finesse under duress…

Still matter, where character and realness will no longer need to be rated by tone or one’s apparent rights or by relative degrees/authenticity or by its ratio/closeness to “purity”.

It’s wrong for me to put my “stamp” on things, I’m told it’s wrong to stand around and root for the “I-told-you-so’s”; it’s odd that wrong is so indistinguishable from right; it’s wrong to be “text-book” and “upfront” and “straightforward”

Alas, I “read” like a book, but since you know how the story ends, humour me. I’m concentric; fifth business skipping along and retooling your stories so I get to see beginnings and endings in the now.

Dawdling in the past; saddens, dawdling in hope; exasperated, dawdling in the future; time-consuming – so I fly in the now, my chinks on array for all to see, judge lest ye not be judged & gladly playing foolish in order to catch wise!

A conundrum really – everyone else grows from happiness to dark, spiraling out of control. Where as I, live in darkness everyday, finally being drawn, spiraling out of control – into a funk of happiness…

Failure is unimportant. It takes courage to make a fool of yourself. – Charlie Chaplin


~ by tashpoeme on July 17, 2010.

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