Gotta be, extra smooth

So, trippin on life as per usual… flips through Fate playbook. It’s corny to say, but lately there’s been too many coincidences, being matchy-matchy counts for a lot especially when you’re incommunicado! *flips faster* Fuck!! Cant find anything!! Let’s be frank, this woman really wants those “long proverbial walks on the beach”. Seriously.

Yes!! But to actually be THAT happy aka upfront isn’t cool, I guess… My light is shining, imploding and exploding way too brightly, the moths are getting burned by this flame! I’m attracting instead of detracting. Gosh, the nerve – watch dismissal done with eloquent verve!

Stop taking my need for simplicity as innocence or stupidity, I know what I’M DOING! I seek peace of mind, first and foremost. If ya like games, triflin or gold diggin there’s plenty of girls lining up, so take them *shrugs* I swear, not for me. I wanna rise at a continuous pace, the chance to take and be taken, I don’t expect forever (it’s wrong to want fun while fun lasts, but that’s all I want…) I’m the Cinderella that KNEW that Prince Charming wasn’t real – always working on finding happiness in the moments!

Continually playing “Extra Smooth”; RIP Aaliyah
“He’s too cool, for his own shoes…
Running round, tryin to catch my eye
Disturbing My Groove, Tryin’ To Be Smooth”

Dear Fate: Stop with the shenanigans!! I’ve been unrepentantably ignorant, blissful & content. I’ve stood firm, held my position… Royalty can’t be royalty without subterfuge, it seems!


~ by tashpoeme on August 27, 2010.

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