Don a pair…

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Of balls, of sass, of smarts

Of common sense, of; or maybe with, a dash of hope

Why don’t you?

*kiss teeth*

Stop saying the shit I do, or the way I feel is wrong

When you believe/feel/love the same shit I do

Say you’re sorry

Believe that you’re sorry

Will yourself to be strong

Why don’t you?

Stop playing dumb…

You are so sure that your counters will impale my efforts,


As I fill your thoughts with morose remorse

Mayhap, quickening your ending as Hamlet’s father did for him

Hmmm, aptly ready to be begging for a pardon…


Let’s Go Crazy!

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Should I barefacedly admit this aloud? Fuck, thank goodness nobody gives a fuck about me…

I never KNEW, knew Prince, I heard the name, I knew a ditty or two. This feeling is wrong, I missed this back then…

It’s wrong isn’t it, that I’m not growing up? I spent my WHOLE childhood wanting/being grown. For what?

To spend my ENTIRE adulthood being childish?
Saunter forth & kindly continue ♥

Anti_D8r crawls, bites & slaps *shrug* ;9

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Behold, the rise of the anti_D8r; an unbearable sight. *weeping & wailing/gnashing of teeth* Ooops, u bought a tkt ;( ‘Dang, stop playing dumb! You are so sure that your counters will impale my efforts.’ *breathe*

Today’s Date: Morose Remorse
Best Move: Mayhap, quickening your ending as Hamlet’s father did for him
Best ♥ Scene: Hmmm, aptly ready to be begging for a pardon…
Arch Nemesis: Lovely, exquisite bliss

How will it end, tune back to the Anti-DAter, l8r – k, haters?!! Something in me is dying… Ring the Alarm (Fu-Schnickens)

The cable sna[pp]ed this time

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Drove myself insane

[ *falling* ]

[ *flailing* ]

[ *bloody innards* ]

Then, I bounced off the last rock

Battered and finally seeing

[ *clearly*  ]

Hollowed, haunted, hallowed

This is fair

"I am more prone to be inquisitive, to promote discussion. I want to find out what your thinking was. I want to find out what your feelings are. Did you learn anything?" - Earl Woods

Good <  Right

Right = Might

I am what I am

The cable sna[pp]ed this time,


[ * ROAR ;>lol * ]

This meno-major-pause, this anger has finally ceased.

And from now on,

Seemingly so angry on the outside,

yet smooth as silk on the inside –

With no one but the lord to please,

Granted it’s a bit lonely,

The cable sna[pp]ed this time, yet feeling at ease.


[ *falling* ]

[ *flailing* ]

[ *bloody innards* ]

and broken moment, will




Mark this, on the 10th of April,

in another year with my lord – 2010!

Signed, Nis Rennis, the sinner that keeps sinning, has changed much…

Don’t wanna hear, betta listen… Anti_D8r narrative!

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My name is not Susan!

However thanks to Susan, I can be an anytimes

Individual, aging with grace, childless, unmarried, still struggling to make a buck

Relationships never lift off, always stuck without sex, fuck it aint so, shit outta luck

Damn morals, (can’t say yes off the bat, it’s too braggart and wanton)

Tired of being this standard of beauty, FUCK THAT!

FUCK THIS! Like Tony, I want the world, my aim is not to keep fittin into

Someone’s standard of… this bougie bullshit hair fuckery

So Natty-Anti_D8r, with her rants, tats & crass, will hopefully

Dance devilishly, forgotten and satisfied…

Depends on who you ask: crass is a newfangled subtlety


“Don’t wanna hear about Susan, she got nothin’ on me”

The coldest…

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What the fuck do I do?

This ill feeling won’t leave me be…

I’ve spun and  spun, I’ve cried and I’ve cursed

Yet this feeling still cleaves to me

I don’t have the inclination to deal with this

I have to have grace, beauty, loneliness, hope & peace

Another downward spiral will surely be my last

I beseech thee dear lord to take the devil outta of my sight –

Unless this really is the end, shit, why didn’t I realize this sooner?

By the power of…

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I fucking leaped….

Whilst I flew, I opened my eyes…

And watches, watched, watched

If I had the power & I could raise my sword high

I’d have a fucking party, but…

My Big wig company, would foot the bill

Saunter forth & kindly continue ♥