And the dream goes on and on and on…

One day I had that dream that I’m sure has happened to everyone – the one where you are famous….

Curiosity struck and for the hell of it, not believing for a minute – awrite, I believed for like 15 seconds – I decided to find out what this dream could mean:

FAME To dream that you have fame denotes unrealized achievements or disappointed aspirations. It suggests your need to be praised, acknowledged or admired by those around you. To see famous people in your dream, signifies an increase to your prosperity and honour.

OMG!! This is awesome. Then again, WTF??? What have I done to deserve 15 seconds of fame?

Oh yes, writing, doing background work and most important; occasionally bumping into celebrities.

Wait, before you go mouthing me off for getting my quotes wrong, take a moment, breathe and recognize that in the new millennium, folks only really get 15 seconds, because everyone has or can create their own ‘celebrity’. Therefore ‘being famous’ is saturated, tainted because anyone can attain it – instead of earning your stripes; reality check, I mean t.v………

Does it help my cause if people are always accusing me of being a movie star?? (Scientists denote this as shyness). Anyway,  I think they’re calling me stuck up, but let us take it as a compliment (Stop being negative!!) *sigh* Iit doesn’t help my cause and besides I am not full of myself, I mean, that wasn’t my intention).

Trust me people, those shades that I always wear, they are only there because I’m trying to hide… I’m only trying to dream and live my life. Sue me if I’m trying to keep my chin as high up as I can, besides I hate the fact that you often stare and I hate the fact that I am always frowning.

(And who knows, maybe just maybe, I’d like to think that I’m less scary if I always wear my shades??!!)


To sleep, perchance to dream, ay there’s the rub


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